Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ten for Tuesday

Inspired by rukristin.

1.  Just watched a marathon of Married at First Sight (my daughter likes bad reality TV) and the final episode doesn't air until next week.  Aaaargh!  It's not that great of a TV show and I don't want to worry about watching it later, but I want to know who stays together!
2.  I have to take my cat to the vet tomorrow.
3.  I'm feeding raccoons outside.  I put out dog food for them (and the opossums) every night.  They really like vanilla creme cookies.  I've got a couple that will take the cookies out of my hand.
4.  I need to lose weight, but today was 50 cent corn dog day at Sonic, so we had corn dogs for dinner.

5.  Speaking of bad reality TV, now we're watching Arranged.  If these marriage reality shows aren't infuriating, they're depressing.
6.  I have to go to Walmart tomorrow, too.  I'd rather chew nails than go to Walmart.
7.  UnREAL premiers Monday on Lifetime.  I think I may watch it.  I have a problem with shows that have no good guy to root for, though.  I wonder of there will be a good guy on that show.
8.  I'm sleepy.  I didn't sleep last night because of storms moving through the area.  I need to go to bed soon and I'm wondering what my next two things will be.
9.  I need to plan how I'm going to spend this summer.  I haven't given it much thought as we just got out of school last Friday.
10.  I'm on my way to bed!

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