Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 42

I consumed about 1200 calories yesterday.  I say consumed because some of the calories came from a coffee drink.  I normally don't drink my calories, but I wasn't hungry and I really wanted the coffee drink.

We're about to go into the city again.  I'm hopefully going to make working copies of Titania, Adia, and The Woodland Fairie.

Raggedy Man was back this morning, so he's doing ok.

I haven't been hungry today so I haven't eaten anything.  I have no idea what I'll do while I'm in the city.

I still had a headache this morning, but that's better now.

I ordered Jamaica Sunset for Ella, the Frog Princess since today's the last day of the sale.  At least I won't have to wait for fabric when I get ready to do the Mirabilia patterns that I want to do.

I think my daughter is about ready to go so that's all for today...

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