Monday, July 6, 2015

Tempest 3

Here's how far I got on Tempest last night.  I really need to start taking pictures somewhere else.  The lighting isn't good in our den.

Silkweaver is having a 30% off sale through the 8th so I ordered Sudden Storm for The Raven Queen.  I ordered The Raven Queen from 123Stitch the day they put her up on their site and they keep pushing back the shipping date.  Right now it's at the end of July.  I'm upset about that, too.  They don't even have the pattern on their website anymore.  I'm going to email them today about that order and see what's going on.  I guess I can wait on both the fabric and the pattern for that one because I'll be working on Titania, Fairy Dreams, and maybe Adia, but it's extremely irritating.  I am not a patient person...

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