Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tempest 8

Here's Tempest now.

I'm still having issues with Silkweaver.  Their customer service is truly abysmal.  They still haven't sent fabric that I ordered over 2 weeks ago and I called yesterday and they said it was being mailed yesterday, but it wasn't.  Messages go unanswered.  It's ridiculous.

I got my Raven Queen pattern yesterday!  I was excited about that.

I still haven't worked on Titania, but I've been trying to finish Tempest before my daughter goes back to college.


  1. He's super cute!

    Your Silkweaver issue sounds just like mine. I can't believe they are able to stay in business, especially with all the other fabric dyers that are available.

    1. The Silkweaver thing is driving me crazy. The fabric I got is super nice and pretty. I guess I'll have to try the other dyers in the future, though. I'm going to call them back Monday.