Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 23

I ate about 1300 calories yesterday.  We got a lot of stuff cleaned out, but still have more work to do.  I also started Unicorns of Vengeance.  My new magnifier lamp works great!  I'm so glad I got it!

I went to the doctor and got the shots for my back again today.  I'll be trying to lift boxes this weekend cleaning those rooms out.  I did not get weighed at the doctor's office today.  My back does feel better, but it is starting to give me a headache again.

I haven't seen my stray cat today.  I'm a bit concerned.  I hope he shows up tonight.  Some guys were out here working for a while today so that may have scared the cat off.

I'm still feeding the raccoons and opossums every night.  It's so cute.  The raccoons will come up to me for the vanilla creme cookies.  I just love raccoons.  I want to hug one.

My daughter and mother ordered pizza for tonight's supper, but I didn't have any.  I really need to stick to the plan and get this weight off.  It just seems like it doesn't want to budge.  We haven't gotten to get into walking yet.  It rained every day for a while and now we're busy cleaning out those rooms.  My daughter's boyfriend is coming for a visit next weekend.  Hopefully after that we'll be able to start walking.  Unfortunately, it's started getting really hot now.  The "feels like" temperature today was 103 degrees.

So far, my summer has been pretty boring.  I haven't had much to write about.  But I will continue to post my calorie intake.

Oh, and we're currently watching Marriage Boot Camp...

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