Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 30

I didn't count calories yesterday.  We had pizza and dessert when my daughter's boyfriend got here.

I'm still waiting on my supplies for Titania which are a couple of states away.  I'm still very upset about that.  So I'm looking for more small animals I can do until I get to start on Titania.  Because my packages are taking so long to get here, my floss for the possum won't be here tomorrow so I guess I'm going to have to drive to the city to get the floss.  That's an hour there and an hour back which I did not want to do, but I guess I'll make the trip today or tomorrow.

I've had a stomach bug for the past couple of days and I've got a headache, so I'm not feeling very well.  I'm kind of weak and just overall yucky.

I'm just waiting for my daughter to wake up to see what they're doing today to decide what day I'm going into the city...

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