Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 28

I totally gave out yesterday.  I got so tired I could barely move and I hurt all over.  I'm not feeling much better this morning.  Sometimes my body will do this.  It just feels like all the stress, anxiety, and depression make my body give out.  I just have to wait until it passes.  Sometimes it lasts longer than others.

I did start on the little raccoon yesterday.  I also found a possum I'm going to work on after that except I'm changing it to look like an American Opossum instead of an Australian Possum - just the ears and the tail.  I'm trying to do little things until my supplies for Titania come in.  I don't want to start on something big and quit in the middle to do Titania.  I know most cross-stitchers have several works in progress at once, but I want Titania to be my main one and then if I decide to start on something else later (possibly Adia), I'll do that.  I'm just getting back into this after several years so I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Anyway, I ate about 1300 calories yesterday.  Usually when I get tired like this I'll overeat, but I did well yesterday and didn't eat more than I should.

Well, I do need to get up from here and get busy on something (although I don't feel like it).  I will post more later...

Thanks for reading my blog!!!

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