Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 26

I finished Unicorns of Vengeance last night.  I wish I had my materials to start Titania but it will be a while before those come in.  I'm considering going ahead and ordering the materials for Adia.  I ordered the fabric from Silkweaver.  They make gorgeous fabrics.  I went ahead and got the fabrics for Titania, Adia, and Petal Fairy.  Another one I want to do is Woodland Fairie, but I haven't picked out what fabric I want for her yet.  I told my daughter that I'm making these for my granddaughter.  Now, my daughter isn't married.  She's not even engaged.  But one day she'll be married and have a little girl and these are for her.  Seriously.

I got a lot done cleaning out that room, but I didn't finish yesterday.  I'm planning on finishing today.

I ate about 1400 calories yesterday.  I keep hoping that I'll get used to not eating so much and stop being hungry as often so I can make it down to 1200 a day.

Currently the reality show is Bridezilla.  My daughter just loves bad reality TV.

I'm waiting for the medicine to kick in and then I've got to get started on cleaning.  I've really got to get that room finished today...

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