Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day Seven

I made it a week!  Yesterday was AWFUL!  I was so hungry!  I managed to only eat around 1400 calories, but I felt like I was dying.  But, I made it a week!  That's pretty significant for someone who binges every time she has an anxiety attack.

As if the traumatizing incident of leaving my purse at Walmart wasn't enough, the cats got into the bread last night and messed up the kitchen.  My daughter woke me up to help clean up the mess they had made.  After we finished cleaning, we realized that there was no more bread.  We had to do something before my mother noticed the bread was gone. (The cats are an source of contention in our house.)  So, we made an emergency bread run to Walmart at midnight.  However, the bread at Walmart wasn't the same brand as the bread we had had in the kitchen.  I realized we'd have to somehow distract my mother from the bread in the morning, so we bought donuts, blueberry bagels, and cinnamon rolls.  There I was at 1:00 in the morning making cinnamon rolls.  My mother woke up to cinnamon rolls and a clean kitchen.  She seems to be in a good mood.  All this over a loaf of bread.  This is my life.

Yesterday was a test and I very nearly failed.

Things don't bode well for tomorrow, but that's a story for another day.

I'd like to thank everyone who is stopping by to read.  This blog is mostly for myself.  I told myself for a long time that I was going to lose weight, but I never stuck to it.  As soon as I started blogging, I knew I had to stick to it because PEOPLE are READING.  If any of you can relate, that's great!  That makes this endeavor even better!  Thank you!♥

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