Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 29

I still hurt all over this morning, but I am feeling a bit better.  Yesterday I could barely move.  I didn't get much accomplished yesterday at all.  There were several things I wanted to do yesterday, but I just couldn't bring myself to do them.  I had lots of anxiety yesterday, too.

I'm almost finished with the raccoon.  I won't have the floss to start the possum until Saturday.  Unfortunately the nearest shop that carries floss is an hour away so I've ordered it.  I did consider making the trip to get the floss, but I just didn't want to drive all that way for just floss so I'll have to wait until Saturday to get started on that one.  I need to organize my cross-stitching supplies so I guess I'll work on that until Saturday.

I'm supposed to get all the stitching supplies for Titania today, but my fabric won't be in until next week sometime.  I contacted Silkweaver and they said it should be shipped by Monday.  Meanwhile, I've ordered patterns for The Raven Queen (because it's so cool) and Ella, the Frog Princess (because it's got a frog in it).  I have to say that I'm extremely intimidated terrified by these projects I'm undertaking.  I don't know why.  I used to stitch Teresa Wentzler designs.  This will be my first Mirabilia, though.  I think what I'm most worried about is stitching on 32 count fabric.  I've never done that before and my eyesight has gotten bad in the past few years.  Plus I haven't cross-stitched in a long time so that's probably a big part of it.

I also found two other designs I want to do - Fairy Dreams and Fairy Grandmother.  I already have those patterns and I think I may have all the materials for Fairy Dreams.  I'll have to look for all that when I'm organizing my cross-stitch supplies.  I've got several big boxes of stuff so that may take a while.

I just hope I won't get frustrated and quit.  I know it'll take forever to do these designs and I want to stick with it, but depression, anxiety, and stress get in the way.  Sometimes I lose interest in everything - especially during the school year.  I feel like nothing matters and there's no point in anything.  I feel like I don't deserve to do anything enjoyable.  It's a horrible feeling.

So, I ate about 1400 calories yesterday.

My daughter's boyfriend is supposed to get here today.  He'll get here this evening and stay until Sunday.  So, I'd better get going.  There are several things I want to do before he gets here...

Update:  My supplies for Titania did not get here today.  I am so disappointed.  I actually called USPS and they said give it one more day and call back tomorrow if it's not here then.

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