Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 32

I'm feeling better today, thank goodness.  I don't know what happened yesterday, but it was terrible.  I did not stay on plan yesterday, nor will I today.  I'll just have to start over tomorrow.

I've got an appointment tomorrow with one of my doctors to get my anxiety medication refilled among other things.  I ran out which made yesterday tougher to handle.  I should have already gone for the refills, but I just hate going to doctors.

I finished the raccoon last night and started on the possum.  I got the possum done.  Now all I need to do are the flowers and backstitching.  I so wish my fabric would come in for Titania.  If it doesn't come in soon, my daughter is going to have tons of little animals to hang on her dorm room wall.

I'm getting sleepy.  We stayed up really late last night - until 3:00am - watching the last season of Parks and Recreation.  My daughter and her boyfriend are still asleep, so I may take a nap.  I would work on stitching, but my daughter has been sleeping on the couch where all my stitching stuff is.  I can't just bring it back to my bedroom because I need my magnifier lamp.

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