Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ten for Tuesday

Inspired by rukristin.
1.  My ankles and feet still sting from standing in the thorny bushes this morning.  I think I was allergic to something.
2.  I've got an appointment in the morning with an eye doctor to get glasses.  I'll be so glad to see again!  I'd better be able to do my cross stitch.
3.  My feral cat has been back several times and has let me pet it when it's eating.  It decided I wasn't too bad after I fed it canned food, but it still only lets me pet it when it's eating.
4.  We bought a bag of sunflower seeds (bird food) and bags of peanuts to put in baggies to take with us on our walks to feed the squirrels today.
5.  I've watched four seasons of Parks and Recreation.  I will be watching the rest.
6.  My daughter is making potato salad, of which I will have none.
7.  We're anxiously awaiting the Jurassic World release on June 12th.
8.  We're finally getting to watch the last show of Married at First Sight coming on next, but it's storming outside so we'll probably lose signal.
9.  The car hasn't made any more squealing sounds.  Yea!
10.  Aside from the car, we had a very nice visit with my friend (although short).  It was nice to get away for a short period of time.

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